Watch Google’s Sergey Brin Talk About The Emasculating Smartphone And Google Glass


Google co-founder Sergey Brin took the stage at the TED Conference late in February, delivering a talk about Google Glass in which he dropped his now infamous quote about smartphones being “emasculating.” Now the video is available in full for all to see (via¬†Business¬†Insider), so you can see not only the money moment at around 4:26, but also hear Brin’s thoughts on Glass and its origins.

The talk is relatively brief, at around 10 minutes long when you take away the Google Glass promo video, but it’s interesting nonetheless. Especially when Brin gets into how much time Google Glass frees up for your standard skydiving outings, and when he channels Socially Awkward Penguin during the Q&A talking about the fake Glass auction that went up on eBay.