Video Sharing Startup Vilynx Launches An App For Google TV To Bring Home Movies Into The Living Room

Video sharing startup Vilynx launched to enable its users to quickly and easily manage videos that they have shot and stored across multiple devices. Linking in to a wide range of cloud storage devices, and with a ready stable of mobile apps, the company hopes to make users’ personal video assets easily accessible wherever they are. That now extends into the living room, thanks to the company’s first launch of an app for connected TV devices.

Today, Vilynx is making its video sharing platform available on Google TV, allowing families to watch and share all their favorite videos from the largest screen in the house. The new app for TV screens makes it one of the first personal video apps to show up on the platform, and extends its reach beyond just being available on the web and on a bunch of mobile devices.

Vilynx had previously released apps for all the major mobile platforms, including iOS, Android and the Kindle Fire, as well as a web presence. And it’s connected to a bunch of cloud storage providers, including Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive, to enable users to manage their videos and access them no matter which service they use.

More than that, the company seeks to make videos easy to find and watch and share by automatically creating smart thumbnails that contain four screenshots instead of just one. The idea is that it will enable users to quickly identify which videos they want to watch, even in a series that are shot near one another or share the same background.

It also provides a way for users to share videos with one another, via email, SMS, and social networks. But the idea is that they can do so privately, so that only family and friends that they want to see their videos can and not the whole wide world as in some video-sharing apps.