Video Sharing Startup Vilynx Launches Android, Kindle Fire, And Web Apps For Viewing Videos On Any Device

Users are increasingly shooting video on mobile phones, point-and-click cameras, and other devices. But managing those videos can be a pain, as many people keep them stored across many devices and storage services. That’s what Vilynx hopes to solve, by giving users access to their videos on various cloud storage services and devices.

Vilynx allows users to easily view and share videos, regardless of where they are stored in the cloud or what device they are using. Key to the service is the ability to leverage multiple cloud storage providers, such as Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive. But Vilynx also wants users to be able to view videos across all sorts of platforms and devices.

The service works by scanning your cloud storage services for video files, and creating five-second video summaries of each. It also visualizes videos with four separate screenshots to give users a better idea of what happens in a given video. Along with that, Vilynx provides easy sharing tools so that users can send them by email, SMS, and social networks.

When it first launched in October, Vilynx was only available on iOS devices, with some ability to share out videos and view them on the web. But it’s very quickly added a number of apps to make user videos available across multiple platforms. That includes the introduction of an Android app last month, as well as the rollout of an app for the Kindle Fire and a new Web app that will let users not only view videos, but also manage and share them.