Rovio Opens Angry Birds Space Encounter Exhibit After Announcing Global Theme Park Plans

Rovio is yet again breaking into new businesses with the introduction of the first Angry Birds interactive attraction, as the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is opening an Angry Birds Space Encounter Exhibit.

The whole thing measures up to 4,500 square feet of pure Angry Birds wonder. Six stations are set up to let visitors interact with Angry Birds space-related activities and games. This is part of a slow build into Angry Birds-themed consumer attractions for Rovio, who has gone from a mobile game maker to merchandise phenom, with a newly released animated cartoon series being distributed through the games themselves.

The Finnish company has beat out Ikea in a contest for a 12.9 acre plot of land in Espoo, Finland, with which it plans to build new offices and a family fun theme park, reports the WSJ.

Rovio also mentioned that it had plans to develop a concept for this type of “family entertainment center” which could be used for a global network of Angry Birds theme parks.

“We’re in the process of developing a concept for a family entertainment center that could be replicated around the world,” EVP of Corporate development Mikko Setala told the WSJ. “Concept development should be completed this spring.”

Alas, spring has sprung and the Angry Birds Space Encounter has opened up in Florida’s Kennedy Space Station. Is this the early concept for the forthcoming Angry Birds theme parks’ space-related branch? There’s no telling until Rovio gets the show on the road, but the timing sure matches up nicely with Setala’s remarks.

Guests of the exhibit can create customized Angry Birds and print it to take home. There are also games like an “Eggsteroid” slingshot contest and a “Cold Cuts Tile Puzzle”, which lets users slide around puzzle pieces to find their favorite Angry Birds characters.

The exhibit is open now to the public at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

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Image Credit: Joe Cascio, Delaware North