SET Media Adds New Tools To Optimize Video Ad Campaigns

Video ad startup SET Media is working hard to take deep ad analytics and apply what it knows about category and video inventory to help advertisers optimize their campaigns. It wasn’t too long ago that the company relaunched and rebranded its product to help advertisers make better buying decisions. It’s taking things a step further with even more tools in its Guide media-planning dashboard.

With the launch of its Guide dashboard product, SET could provide impression predictions on a campaign basis. But even as they were able to refine the types of videos that their ads would run against, media buyers didn’t have a whole lot of insight into where exactly those ads would land. SET is seeking to provide more visibility into what brands and advertisers will actually get, with category-level performance estimates, as well as the ability to forecast and preview which videos will actually run in a campaign — before it goes live.


Being able to give estimates on an individual basis allows advertisers to better optimize campaigns to find the content that will perform best during a campaign. If videos that feature a particular actor, for instance, are expected to perform better than those with a musician, they can make changes to take advantage of that. The goal is to target with more precision, while still enabling brands to advertise at scale.

While campaigns are in play, SET can also provide real-time analytics into how individual videos perform during and after a campaign. That includes metrics such as click-through rate and video completion rate, while also providing details about the number of impressions served, player quality, and where the video was served on the page.

SET wants to provide an unprecedented level of targeting to advertisers, instead of the broad-strokes category buying that exists at other ad networks. In the end, SET wants to make video ad buying easy, but also to make it as effective as possible. It can do that by giving advertisers the tools to optimize campaigns themselves, or through its technology to automatically optimize campaigns as they happen.