Video Ad Company Affine Systems Rebrands As SET, Lets Users Buy Online Ads Like TV Ads

Affine Systems first came to market several years ago with a product that helped advertisers deliver video ads with some pretty impressive brand safety features. Using a semantic video technology, Affine could scan videos frame-by-frame and group them together by relevance, enabling advertisers and agencies to build their own channels or content to run campaigns against. The only problem? No one could pronounce “Affine.”

So the company is rebranding to the more easily pronounceable and memorable name “SET.” It’s also rolled out a whole new dashboard that will let advertisers to create custom video ad campaigns, and receive very granular reports around where those ads ran.

I got to sit down with SET VP of Product Marketing Matt Tillman, who told us a little about what SET does and what new features are available through the platform. He also gave us a demo of how advertisers can create campaigns based on a number of different categories and subcategories, with ads delivered in real-time. Check out the video above for more on SET’s new brand and direction.