AudioTweets Is A Twitter Client That Lets You Earn $ By Listening To Your Twitter Stream

With all kinds of content creation services out there, and numerous voice-enabled digital assistant apps sprouting up, TextAd is toying with ways to make your Twitter consumption more natural. That said, the company has developed a new mobile iOS Twitter client that reads your stream aloud, and pays you to listen — think Pandora.

Of course, AudioTweets doesn’t pay per tweet, but rather per audio commercial that you hear in between a set of tweets. This means that Twitter could turn into a sort of Pandora-style situation, letting you passively listen to both ads and tweets like you listen to music and audio commercials.

AudioTweets also lets you earn money by referring friends to the service and from AudioTweets discount partners who offer deals through the service. Once users have accrued more than $10 on the service, AudioTweets will send you a MasterCard debit card with your credit on it, usable at over 24 million locations worldwide.

To be honest, AudioTweets isn’t the most intuitive Twitter client for the highly active. If you reply to tweets, RT, and are generally more of a creator than a consumer on the micro social network, AudioTweets probably isn’t for you. There’s no natural way to reply to tweets or RT.

However, various gesture controls let you swipe back and forth from profile, to timeline, to mentions, to messages, and finally to lists, Tweetdeck-style. You can also click through to external links.

Perhaps best of all, you can listen to your tweets spoken from a digital Siri-like voice in your phone. It reminds me of Winston, an iOS app that summarizes all the crucial information from Twitter, Facebook, and your favorite news sources to bring you a verbal daily briefing.

However, where Winston brings you more actual sources, AudioTweets reads everything word for word, so there’s no contextual gaps like there is on Winston.

The company recently added new leadership, in the form Rick Marini from BranchOut and Steve Jenkins from gamerID Network, and Google Adsense Online Advisory Council, who will be joining the Advisory Board at TextAd.

AudioTweets is available now in the App Store.

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