Facebook Redesign Kills Ticker, Almost

Tired of seeing every inane detail of yours friends lives pop up in that annoying Facebook sidebar ? Well apparently Facebook was too as the redesign announced yesterday eliminates Ticker for some, and banishes it to the bottom of the left Chat sidebar as a one-story tall blip for others. The real-time Ticker feed launched 2011 that’s best known for outing your friends as Britney Spears fans.

Facebook seemed well aware that many people disliked the “creeper feed”, as some called it. A while back it gave people the option to minimize the Ticker. Now that valuable screen real-estate can be filled with something people actually want — a little menu for opening up specially dedicated news feeds for photos, music, and more.

Facebook All Friends

Those include Ticker’s replacement, the All Friends feed. It’s a quieter real-time feed of everything your friends share, which you can choose to view rather than be forced to have cluttering your home page. It doesn’t have the TMI over-sharing feel of Ticker, though, as it cuts out minor stories about status updates and photos your friends liked.

Facebook Ticker ControlUpdate: Facebook didn’t kill the Ticker entirely, as we originally said. It’s testing different versions of the redesign. Some kill off Ticker entirely. Some show it as a tiny, one-story tall add-on to the bottom of the chat buddy list in the sidebar. Some viewport / screen resolution sizes have it, some don’t, and some people have it defaulted off, while some have it defaulted on.

If you really love Ticker, when you get the new design you can scroll to the very bottom of your left sidebar to check if you have it. If you do, you can even turn it off with an option inside the ‘gear’ button.

Ticker was designed to keep the news feed feeling fresh, and show you what friends were doing in apps like Spotify and the Wall Street Journal news reader. But it turns out those random tidbits don’t mean much. They’re much more interesting when combined to show “5 of your friends listened to this musician / read this article”. Facebook hopes aggregated stories about those trends and the option to view different streams will keep the news feed from getting boring

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