Google Really Wants Developers To Use Google+ Sign-Ins, Announces 5-Day Developer Bootcamps In Cities Worldwide

Google really wants developers to use the new Google+ application sign-ins it announced last week. As Google+’s Kinnari Jhaveri just announced, the interest in the new feature was “significant.” Because of this, the team decided to host a series of in-depth bootcamps in cities around the world.

The new sign-in mechanism offers developers the ability to post interactive posts to Google+, share app activity to the social network and include over-the-air Android app installs. The new sign-ins, which are basically version 2.0 of the standard OAuth-based Google logins you see on third-party sites all over the web today (and which will continue to work), launched with 10 partners.

These five-day bootcamps, Jhaveri writes, will be run by Google engineers who will “provide design advice and best practices, help with any implementation issues, and give suggestions on how to get the greatest number of signed-in users.” The bootcamps, Jhaveri writes, will also provide developers with “a great opportunity to connect with other talented developers from a wide range of apps, companies, and technologies.”

signin-consent-web-largeDevelopers who want to participate have to apply for a spot given the limited space. Google says it prefers to have two engineers from each company at these workshops each day.

Here is the full list of dates and locations for the bootcamps:

Mountain View, Calif. – March 11-15
London – March 11-15
New York – March 18-22
Berlin – March 18-22
Bangalore, India – April 1-5
Sao Paolo, Brazil – April 1-5
Sydney, Australia – April 8-12
Seoul, Korea – April 8-12
Tokyo, Japan – April 15 – April 19