Google’s Chrome Super Sync Sports Turns Your Smartphone’s Browser Into A Game Controller

Google’s Super Sync Sports Chrome Experiment is what happens when you put modern web technology, smartphones and a love of 80s sports games into one rather wacky package where cupcakes race moose heads for virtual gold. The new game, which Google announced this morning, runs in your desktop browser, but you use your smartphone or tablet as the game controller to make your avatars run, cycle and swim.

Super Sync Sports uses new browser technologies like the HTML5 audio, CSS3, SVG and Canvas, but the highlight is obviously its use of the Touch API to recognize the gestures you make on your mobile device and WebSockets to make sure your phone(s) and browser stay in sync. Up to four players can join in every race.

winner_css_gamesWe’ve seen our fair share of cool browser demos recently, but Super Sync Sports’ ability to turn your mobile browser into what is essentially a very basic Wii U GamePad clearly shows how far our mobile and desktop browsers have come over the last year or so.

To get started, you have to fire up Super Sync Sports on your desktop browser and mobile phone or tablet (Android 4.0+ and iOS 4.3+). After choosing whether you want to play a multiplayer or single-player game, you simply type a sync code into the web app and then it’s off to the races. The music will quickly drive you crazy, but the overall experience is quite a bit of fun, especially if you manage to recruit a few other people to play with you.

Google says it will publish more information about how it built this experience in the next few weeks. Until then, you can always use your browser’s built-in developer tools to take a look under the hood.