A Disrupt Battlefield Launch And Three Redesigns Later, Postwire Tells All

Postwire, the product from VisibleGains aiming to disrupt content sharing on a business level, launched out of Disrupt last year in May, and has since undergone nearly three redesigns. This may appear, to the surface observer, as a lack of focus or certainty, yet as Postwire grows its user base in various verticals, rapid iteration allows them to put important tools and tricks in the forefront, while pushing any confusing queues to the background.

On one side, marketers are organizing content in Postwire to share with salespeople who can then carry it on to their prospects. Because of this, one Postwire user can rally their entire network, from creative marketers all the way to sales, to get on the Postwire wagon. This has accounted for major growth at Postwire.

On the other side, the medical industry seems to be taking a serious liking to the Postwire product, which is why the company has made the service entirely HIPAA compliant. This lets doctors share post-appointment information with the patient long after they’ve left the Dr.’s office.

But perhaps more important than user growth is revenue growth, which explains why Postwire added its freemium model back in November. The hardest part was deciding when to add in a paid product, according to founder Cliff Pollan.

“We wanted to get to the point where our users were die-hard fans,” said Pollan, who had been aiming for a 40 percent retention rate before adding a paid product.

But this story wouldn’t be the same without a spot in the Disrupt Battlefield, an experience which Pollan describes as priceless.

“It was a badge of honor that we wore, and people respected that,” said Pollan. He mentioned that some of his clients have no idea what Disrupt is, but after explaining it, it became clear to those clients that Postwire had proved its concept in some real-world forum.

He wanted to remind incoming Disrupt contestants to enjoy the moment, and prioritize your mission at Disrupt.

Disrupt NY is set to be one of the best Disrupts yet, with over 30 companies participating in the Battlefield, and hundreds of startups launching their products in the Startup Alley. But only one will walk away with the Disrupt Cup, joining the likes of Dropbox, GetAround, Yammer, and Mint. But it’s not all about the Battlefield. The three-day conference will include some of the biggest names in tech as speakers and panelists, such as Fred Wilson, Ron Conway, and David Lee. If past Disrupts are any indication, it should be an amazing three days. To get involved in the Hackathon, Startup Alley, Battlefield, or simply attend the event, head over here.