Vine Is Hiring Engineers In NYC, Including One Android Developer

Vine has just opened up a few new positions for the NY-based engineering team, as tweeted by co-founder Colin Kroll. As it would appear, there are six positions available to work alongside the three-man team currently developing for Vine. Notably, one of the positions is for an Android developer, which could mean that we’ll see the video-sharing app on Google’s platform relatively soon.

The app, owned by Twitter, launched less than a month ago to great fan-fare. If you haven’t been around for the past month, a good description for Vine would be Instagram for video. The app lets you record short six-second looping video and share it to your social network.

Vine ran into a couple small speed bumps between today and launch day, namely that the app was almost instantaneously filled with porn upon launch. After regulating various search terms to cut down on user access to the porn vines, Twitter made the tough decision to put a 17+ rating on the app.

This was almost certainly nudged along by Apple’s removal of the Vine app from its featured section a few hours after #porngate, which is a relatively tame reaction compared to the way Apple has yanked other apps from the App Store for similar offenses.

Luckily, the porn stuff seems to be in the past, and Vine has quite the future ahead of it. This rapid expansion of the dev team points to a growing user base, which is expected considering Twitter’s expansive reach throughout the digital landscape.

Here’s the official tweet:

Job openings include:

  • Dev-ops Engineer
  • Lead Android Engineer
  • Lead iOS Engineer
  • Product Designer
  • Software Engineer
  • Software Engineer Front-End

While building an app, as well as the team, Vine is also working on building out their NYC office. Co-founder Dom Hofmann even posted a Vine of the work being done.