Turtle Beach’s New Seven Series Headphones Are A Gamer’s Audio Dream

If you’re a hard-core gamer, the name Turtle Beach most certainly means something to you. We met with the tournament-grade headset maker to discuss their new Seven series of headsets, originally debuted at CES.

There are three different models in the line, the XP Seven (meant for all consoles, PC, and mobile), the Z Seven (meant for PC and mobile) and the M Seven (mobile only). Both the XP Seven and the Z Seven come with a special Audio Control Unit (or ACU) that lets you adjust even the most minute details of the audio.

For example, you can set the speakers to be loudest toward the rear, letting you catch on to anyone who might be sneaking up behind you. You can also adjust the headset so that footsteps and gunshots can be louder, while the actual game sounds are much lower. There are eight different pre-set configurations you can build on your own, making it quick and easy to switch from one game to the next and still enjoy the best possible audio for each.

Users also have the ability to mix in music from their phone, answer calls, and chat with other players using the XP Seven. You can even remove the microphone and just use these bad boys as your main headphones. Plus, the plates on the ear cups are removable, so you can buy various colors to customize your headset.

At $279, the XP Seven is on the expensive side, but with the extra advantages they bring it’s well worth it if you game every day.

The Z Seven model has all the same functionality, but is meant for PC and mobile only, while the M Seven doesn’t come with an ACU but does bring console-quality sound to mobile gaming.

All three models are available now, so click here if you’re interested in learning more.