Digital Content Organizer Clipix Goes Beyond Bookmarks, Adds New Features To Save And Organize Email

Clipix, a bookmarking service that lets you organize links, documents, photos and videos, just announced that it is adding email to its repertoire of supported formats. Users can now forward their emails to a private Clipix address to save and organize their messages. This, the company says, will help its users “instantly bookmark and organize emails they would like to revisit, making important emails accessible from any device and location.”

The service, which launched in the middle of last year, puts an emphasis on privacy. Clipix CEO and founder Oded Berkowitz tells us that many of his users have “requested the ability to clip emails just as simply as they can clip links, videos, documents and photos. The new feature solves a problem most individuals face each day, and saving emails in a safe location is as easy as forwarding it to a private Clipix folder.”

Once a user has forwarded an email, it will automatically be stored in a designated “Clipboard.” Sadly, though, once the email is in the service, you can’t really answer it from there anymore because Clipix converts them into a PDF file. At first glance then, one could easily discount this feature given that getting to your email isn’t generally an issue and most email clients already make it very easy to organize your messages.

The advantage here, the company argues, is that Clipix gives you a spot to save emails with important attachments like receipts and other documents you want to save. Sadly, though, it currently takes two separate actions to save both an email and its attachments. The next version of Clipix, however, will allow you to save both with just one click.