New Ad Shows That The Microsoft Surface Pro Is A Lean, Mean Break-Dropping Dubstep Machine


A handsome man pulls out a Microsoft Surface Pro from his bag. He’s wearing a well-cut suit (he’s at work). He’s a hipster, but a serious one. While putting the Surface Pro on the table, two attractive women stop their conversation to look at this unknown and remarkable computer. Or is it a tablet? Either way, they’re ready to dance.

But let’s focus on the man’s hand for a second. He takes a stylus from the side of the Surface Pro and stretches out his arm. Then everything goes crazy. It turns out that everyone had a Surface Pro, starting with the two women who were wondering what the Surface Pro was a few seconds before. They’re hooked. Everyone just took ketamine and they’re ready to roll.

Everybody starts dancing around the conference-room table. They all circle a chart on an Excel spreadsheet using the stylus. Is the meeting over? Because everyone is standing up now. Apparently it’s not over, because in the next shot, everybody is still sitting. Doesn’t matter. Got Excel.

Oh, but the main character is now dancing on his knees in the middle of the table, Surface Pro in hand. But wait, two new characters enter the conference room! It’s the sourpuss boss. What in tarnation? Are his employees insane? No, man, he’s here to drop the break. More dancing, more drawing on an Excel spreadsheet.

The main character is back, still dancing with the Surface Pro on the conference table. Now he’s using it over his head. Maybe he has a Wi-Fi-coverage or screen-glare issue.

We finally jump back to the first shot. The handsome man is sitting at his chair in front of his Surface Pro, ready for the hypothetical meeting that we just experienced. “Introducing Surface Pro.”

Once again, Microsoft produced a TV ad that doesn’t show much of the product or its intended uses, which is very reminiscent of the Surface RT ad. Sure, it’s full of energy and Excel spreadsheets, but the Surface Pro is a newcomer. You have to educate the viewers, show them what they can achieve with a Surface Pro. Circling Excel spreadsheets and plugging in a microphone are not enough. And what was with the beat-boxing?

Doesn’t matter, had dubstep.