Snapchat Brings Video To Android In A Private Beta

Snapchat has been on a roll lately, scooping up a $13.5 million funding round from Benchmark last week, toying around with monetization features, and becoming the world’s favorite misunderstood mobile app.

But today the train keeps on chugging, as Snapchat has released a beta build of its Android app that includes the ability to send self-destructing video messages along with the usual picture messages. But be forewarned, loyal Snapchatters, as the beta link expires at 2am PST.

To be perfectly clear, this is a pre-release beta build. Snapchat is still working out a few kinks before launching the official Android update, but a few lucky users will have the chance to hop on the beta tonight.

Snapchat launched its new video feature for iOS in December of last year.

Just in case you decided to take a year off from tech news consumption, Snapchat is one of the fastest rising startups of 2012. It lets users send self-destructing selfies (photos of oneself), complete with the ability to add doodles and text.

The idea is that Snapchat users, many of whom have grown up using social networks since they were ‘tweens, are yearning for a place where they can stop worrying about keeping up virtual appearances. Since Snapchat photos self-destruct, users are able share a real moment, even if they’re Snapping with someone thousands of miles away.

“Video is really important to our service because it allows Snapchatters to share a broad range of experiences and emotions,” said Evan Spiegel. “The Snapchat community is all about living in the moment and video brings those moments to life.”

Many members of the media concluded that such a service was only useful for sexting, but Snapchat’s growth to now sending over 60 million snaps per day puts those rumors to rest. In total, users have now sent over 5 billion snaps in a little over a year.