Social Media Marketing Suite Viralheat Redesigns, Adds New Analytics Dashboard, Targeted Publishing And Smart Stream

When it comes to social media management and marketing suites, most people think Hootsuite and move on, but there are quite a few smaller competitors that vie for a piece of this market, too. Viralheat, for example, just launched its redesigned service with a new analytics dashboard and a redesigned user interface to make managing multiple accounts, accessing analytics and engaging with their audiences easier for social media managers. Viralheat says it is currently being used by about 12,000 brands that subscribe to its plans, which range from free to $99 per month.

Viralheat - Pinterest Stream

The cornerstone of this redesign is the service’s new Smart Stream. Traditional social media management solutions, the company argues, are “fragmented, siloed and cumbersome” and require their users to use multiple apps, analytics methods and manual effort. Viralheat’s Smart Stream, on the other hand, provides users with a unified stream that provides them with a one-column overview of all of their social media stream. More importantly, though, it also allows users to create filters based on keywords, social networks and sentiment. Users can, of course, post directly from the app and also schedule messages for a later time.

The service supports all the major social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, blogs (via RSS feeds) and YouTube. One nice feature that some of the competing products don’t offer is targeted publishing, which allows users to deliver content to the right audience based on time zone, country, city, language and other demographic information. Starting with today’s release, users can also now publish directly to their personal Facebook accounts.

“Social media management tools are not tailored to the way social media managers work. Most social media managers spend too much time bouncing back and forth between tools to manage multiple social platforms,” said Vishal Sankhla, co-founder and CTO of Viralheat in a statement today.

Viralheat - Facebook Insights