Fly Or Die: Microsoft Surface Pro

The gap between a full-fledged PC and a touchscreen tablet has finally found a bridge in the Microsoft Surface Pro. The Windows 8 device will be available for purchase on February 9, but we got a sneak peek with the Surface Pro and took it for a test spin in the Fly Or Die studios.

So what’s the verdict?

Well, both John and I agree that this is some of the best work we’ve ever seen out of Microsoft. The company sent some mixed messages with the Surface RT, which was more of a web-browsing, email tablet with a cute keyboard than a full-fledged computer.

But the Surface Pro steps up where the RT fell short, letting users load up any programs they want. It’s the difference between a working, usable computer and a pet project by Microsoft engineers.

As it stands, we’re both very excited about the prospect of a real and powerful Win8 machine to finally stand alongside similarly powerful OS X devices.

We’re both still a bit hesitant towards Windows 8. The Surface Pro rides the line between old, Classic Windows and the new “Metro” UI. The developer base needs time to figure out the Metro side of Windows 8, and having the desktop model as a backup helps ease the transition.

Will it be the most popular consumer gadget on the market this year? No.

But does it prove that Microsoft can be a powerhouse in the hardware realm? Absolutely.

Two flies.