Half Of Canadian Pre-Registrations For BlackBerry Came From iPhone, Android Users

With the debut of BlackBerry’s new BB10 OS and its accompanying handsets, many have questioned whether the revamp is enough to pull iPhone and Android enthusiasts into the BlackBerry fold. But a new research note from CIBC analyst Todd Coupland suggests that BlackBerry may be appealing to users on other platforms just as much as it’s exciting loyal BlackBerry customers.

“In Canada 50% of preregistration at the carriers are not currently Blackberry users,” Coupland said. “This was a surprise and a datapoint that will be watched closely in other regions.”

It’s unclear just how many pre-registrations have been made for the new BlackBerry Z10 all-touch handset, set to launch in March, but according to a Rogers’ spokesperson, “consumer interest is definitely strong.”

As it stands, BlackBerry (rebranded from RIM) is fighting for the third place position after bleeding market share for the past half decade. The chances that BlackBerry will overtake iOS and Android are relatively slim, considering that the two powerhouse platforms comprise more than 90 percent of global shipments in the past year.

However, BlackBerry does have a fighting chance for third place against Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8, which is a relatively new player in the global mobile ecosystem. Many believe it will all come down to the enterprise, and with BYOD becoming a growing trend, the odds are stacked in Microsoft’s favor considering the easy integration with Windows 8.

In any case, BlackBerry seems off to a great start, thanks in no way to this horrible Superbowl ad.

[via BGR]