Leaked Photo Gallery Shows The White Nexus 4 In All Its Glory

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The latest Google phone, LG’s Nexus 4, is as good as it gets in the land of Android (or “Landroid,” if you will). However, the handset has been plagued with logistical issues like a difficult ordering process on Google Play or being out of stock.

Just yesterday, the Nexus 4 returned to the Google Play store, and today new pics of what appear to be a white version of the Google phone have leaked out.

Rumors of a white model of the Nexus 4 have been floating around for a while, but nothing’s been confirmed by LG or Google.

According to PhoneArena, the EXIF data on the image says it was taken with an LG Optimus G, one of LG’s Android flagships. This could mean that someone working at LG took the photo of the snowy white Nexus 4, but EXIF data is notoriously easy to manipulate, so don’t place too much stock in that.

Instead, take a closer look at the image. See that pixelated pattern on the bottom right of the photo? That’s simply a lighter version of the black Nexus 4’s iconic design language.

Of course, there’s no telling if this is headed to market, or even if it will be available in the U.S.

Here’s to hoping.

Update: Apparently an entire gallery of images has leaked out, showing the white Nexus 4 in all its glory.

You can see from the photos that LG has chosen a really crisp white for the phone’s backside, while the front looks identical to the black Nexus 4, with all-black bezels.