PhotoSocial Just Updated Your iPhone’s Photo Gallery For The First Time Since 2007

Apple has made some amazing upgrades to the iPhone since it launched in 2007. We’ve met Siri, moved from plastic to glass to anodized aluminum, and experienced a number of design changes both physically and on the software level. But one thing that has changed very little since 2007 is Apple’s Photo gallery.

But 1UP Industries founder Jeff Bargmann has plans to change all that with a new iOS app called PhotoSocial. In his own words, it’s a modern-day photo gallery that’s socially aware.

Upon opening the app, you’ll notice that it doesn’t look all that different from the iPhone’s gallery. However, once you start swiping around you’ll instantly see the difference.

For one, the app allows for full screen viewing of images as well as grid view. But you’ll also get to slide through full screen photos by scrolling up or down. Swipe to the left and you toss that photo in the garbage. Swipe to the right and you share the photo. You can even send multiple photos at once to one or more users.

PhotoSocial categorizes your photos automatically by day, so rather than clicking through each individual photo from a fun day in the sun, you can simply click the date and all of the photos from that day are selected and ready to send. Plus, you can organize photos yourself by creating personalized albums.

When you share photos with a friend, or many friends, the images instantly show up in their PhotoSocial gallery, and vice versa. And taking social to a level past that, the app scans photos you’ve received from friends and recommends photos you might send back. The idea is that photo exchange is already common among iPhone users, and PhotoSocial simply wants to make it a bit easier.

The recommendation process uses location data already stored in your photos, and recognizes when you and friends were taking photos together.

And if that isn’t enough social functionality for your gallery, PhotoSocial also includes the ability to like and comment on photos from directly within the gallery, letting you and your friends connect over photos in a more private forum than Facebook or Instagram.

According to Bargmann, there are already a ton of new features in the pipeline as well as a business model that goes past a paid app, but for now the vision is all about acquiring users and perfecting the product.

PhotoSocial is available now in the App Store for $1.99.