Silicon Valley Continues To Torture People With Its Terrible Rapping

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 12.55.00 PMThere needs to be a word for when someone could effectively function as a parody of themselves, because this tendency is exaggerated in the age of social media.

Everyone knows someone who posts inspirational quotes to Facebook all day, or name drops incessantly on Path or uses dumb and arbitrary hashtags on Twitter. #hashtags #on #Twitter

No one is immune, and in fact, Silicon Valley, being the rarefied echo chamber that it is, seems to constantly encourage these sorts of self-parody, self-aware or not (it’s not always clear). Perhaps one of the most abused of these tropes is “Programmers, Bloggers and Investors Rapping”; some have pulled it off, and some haven’t, but either way, it’s uncanny how much we do it.

The latest in the series is TechCrunch Disrupt finalist Undrip rapping for charity (it’s almost always for charity, except when it’s for funding or Crunchies votes).

Here is the donate link, real big like. 

Also here’s another observation: Most of the time, the only reason reporters post these marketing vehicles things is they’re hoping every investor who sent them this/in the video becomes a source.