OkCupid Launches Standalone ‘Crazy Blind Date’ Service For Blind Mini-Dates

The new app, Crazy Blind Date, first asks you to sign up with a username and take a picture of yourself. You’ll notice as soon as you’re logged in that your profile picture is scrambled like a puzzle, so no one really knows quite what you look like. They can perhaps gauge your skin color or hair color, but you can’t get much more detailed than that.

You’ll then be asked for the times you have free and you’d prefer to go on Crazy Blind Dates, as well as a location you’d like to go. From there, you’re free to browse through other user’s proposed dates, though you only have access to the ones that fit your basic criteria.

If you’re already an OkCupid user, all of your data on from there is used to determine your dates. If not, the app simply goes off of basic information like your age, gender and sexual orientation.

If you choose to take up a fellow flirter’s offer, awesome, but you also have your own proposed dates waiting for taker. You’ll be notified as soon as someone agrees to a time you’ve offered.

After spending the following hours or days in blissful anticipation, you receive a notification an hour before the date, alerting you that chat is open.

After the date, you’ll be asked how your date went, which is where monetization comes in. You can give Kudos by making an in-app purchase, giving that user a little extra credibility as a good, safe time.

The app is available now for iOS andAndroid.