GifStory, The Instagram For Animated Gifs, Looks To Compete With Cinemagram

Gifs are better than pictures and less invasive and time-consuming than movies.

This is why Cinemagram exists, and why the app is blowing up of late. But there’s a new kid in town looking to let mobile users share and enjoy Gifs. It’s called GifStory, and it essentially lets you cut together short clips of video and add a filter.

GifStory works almost identically to Instagram, except instead of snapping a picture you press the record button. As you can see from the examples below, you can add filters and edit various clips together.

Users can also share their GifStories on a host of different social networks.

Here are some examples.

The app isn’t quite live yet, but it will launch in the App Store in late February. Until then, the company asks that you sign up on their landing page to get a notification when it’s time to start sharing.