Amazon Launches Instant Video For Nintendo Wii

If you own a Wii, you were probably a little bummed out to hear that Amazon would be serving up Instant Video to the Wii U and not to your older console.

But fret no longer, as Amazon has just announced that its library of streaming video content is now available to Wii owners.

Amazon’s Instant Video library is home to over 145,000 titles, and if you’re a Prime member you have automatic access to over 33,000 titles right off the bat.

Other features you may have grown accustomed to on Amazon’s media streaming platform are also present, including Whispersync, which lets users pick up right where they left off on another device. Like, say, a Kindle Fire.

Navigation is relatively simple, giving users categories like Recently Watched, Watchlist, Genre Recommendations and Your TV Shows.

Users will also have access to Parental Controls and Kid Zone title lists to make sure kids aren’t wandering into treacherous territory.

The service is available now to all Wii owners and can be found in the Wii Shop Channel.