The Sky Is The Limit For Aereo, Assuming The Sky Remains Filled With Free TV Signals

Aereo is quite possibly the most disruptive company to come out of New York since Kickstarter. The startup, founded by serial founder Chet Kanojia, brings live and recorded TV content direct to your Internet-connected devices for as low as $8 per month.

In a world where retrieving free over-the-air signals with rabbit ears is an extinct idea, Aereo has shrunken the rabbit ears down to the size of a fingertip, hosted them remotely, and enabled New Yorkers of all walks of life to get their TV fix for cheaper.

We spoke to Kinojia onstage at CES, and he explained why major broadcasters and networks are so upset about the launch and success of his company. As technology advanced from rabbit ears to cable to satellite and so on, the price of these services steadily rose.

But there are over 30 channels that are available for free, and Aereo is set on bringing those to the masses (on their Internet-connected devices no less) for an affordable price.

The company recently received $38 million in funding and will use those funds to start marketing the service and expanding to 22 new cities. With the extra cash, the forthcoming marketing efforts, and the downright cheap TV service, there’s no end in sight for Aereo.

No matter how much it upsets the big guys.