Google’s FieldTrip Integrates Location-Based Offers From Scoutmob

Last September, Google surprised many of us when its Niantic Labs launched the location-based app Field Trip for Android. FieldTrip runs on the background an automatically alerts you when it detects interesting and relevant information about places around you. Today, the company announced that it is partnering with Scoutmob to help FieldTrip users find deals based on their location.

The nice thing about Scoutmob’s model is that its commitment-free and that its users get incentives for trying out new restaurants and shops (usually in the form of a discount), but don’t have to buy anything. Given that FieldTrip wants to help users make spontaneous decisions, the fact that there is no credit card transaction involved definitely makes Scountmob a good fit for Google’s app.

FieldTrip already integrated data from publications like Zagat, Thrillist, Food Network, Eater and Cool Hunting. The app also already featured an “offers and deals” section with deals from Google Offers (of course) and Vayable, but the FieldTrip team notes that its app is the first to send free and instant deals through Field Trip “to gauge consumers’ response to having local offers sent to them as they roam.” Scoutmob and FieldTrip, the Scoutmob teams write today, “are a match made in local discovery heaven, as share a commitment to supporting exploration of the things that make our cities so darn awesome.”

For now, FieldTrip is only available for Android, but an iPhone version should be available within the next few months.