Hulu Debuts Previews Of Its 2013 Original Programming And Exclusive Series

Continuing its expansion into original content and exclusive third-party content, Hulu is today offering previews of its new programming for 2013, which includes its first animated Hulu Original Series, “The Awesomes,” co-created by Saturday Night Live’s head writer Seth Meyers alongside Emmy winning producer and SNL alum, Michael Shoemaker.

It’s notable that the network, if we are calling it that, will have some bigger names attached to its programming in 2013, including not only the SNL vets above, but also Josh Greenbaum (Emmy-winning filmmaker), James Corden (Tony winner), and Eva Longoria (“Desperate Housewives”), to name a few.

However, “The Awesomes” is one of the more interesting projects, because of the quality of the talent participating. Other SNL cast and alumni will be contributing voices to the show, including Kenan Thompson, Bill Hader, and Taran Killam.

But if we’re just looking at talent, we should point out that competitor Netflix has also attracted big stars to its original programming, including Kevin Spacey, Steven Van Zandt, and the co-exec producer of House, Liz Friedman. Plus, you can’t beat snagging “Arrested Development,” as an exclusive, either.

Many of the series that Hulu is opening up preview access to today have been previously announced during the upfronts and at other times throughout the year. “The Awesomes,” for example, was announced at the 2012 upfronts, while “The Wrong Mans” was announced on stage at MIPCOM. However, “Braquo,” “Behind the Mask” and “Mother Up” have been announced for the first time on Hulu.

This is also the first time Hulu users will be able to get a taste of what’s in store. On each program’s profile page, a teaser trailer is now available for viewing.

Over the past two years, Hulu has launched four Hulu Original Series (“A Day in the Life,” “Battleground,” “Up to Speed” and “Spoilers”) and has expanded its Exclusive Series lineup to 20 on-demand TV shows. Some of these shows are now in their second seasons, including “Prisoners of War,” “Pramface,” “Fresh Meat” and “TOWIE.”

Earlier this month, Hulu announced that CEO Jason Kilar and CTO Rich Tom would be departing the company in Q1 2013, after having grown its revenue to $695 million as of December – a 65 percent increase year-over-year. The content library also grew 40 percent during that time, and the company generated over $1 billion in revenue for content partners. The future for Hulu following the execs’ departures, as well as the exit from early investor Providence Equity Partners this fall, is a bit uncertain.

The full 2013 lineup is below, with links to their pages on Hulu:


The Awesomes
Premieres: Summer 2013
“The Awesomes” is an animated show for adults that combines the thrills of comic book storytelling with the irreverent and inspired comedy that is the hallmark of show co-creators Seth Meyers (“SNL”) and Michael Shoemaker (“Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”). It is the story of the greatest superhero team in history, The Awesomes, and what happens after all the most powerful members leave. The team is led by the possibly under-qualified Professor Doctor Awesome, voiced by Meyers, who is determined to bring these funny-if-flawed superheroes to glory. Meyers and Shoemaker called upon their many friends in the comedy world to voice the characters, including some of “Saturday Night Live’s” most celebrated cast and alumni Kenan Thompson, Bill Hader, and Taran Killam. This first animated Hulu Original Series is executive produced by Meyers, Shoemaker, and Broadway Video. Ten (10) episodes.

The Wrong Mans
For fans of: “Spy,” “The Office” (U.K.), “Peep Show,” “Hot Fuzz,” “Chuck
Premieres: Summer 2013
From Tony Award-winning actor and writer James Corden (“Doctor Who,” “Gulliver’s Travels,” “Gavin & Stacey”) and Mathew Baynton (“Peep Show,” “Spy,” “Gavin & Stacey”), the series centers on Sam (Baynton), and Phil (Corden), two lowly office workers who become caught up in a deadly criminal conspiracy after Sam discovers a ringing phone at the scene of a horrific car crash. Answering this phone turns his world upside down, as he and Phil soon realize it’s up to them to step up and save the day. They are in the wrong place at the wrong time, with the wrong skills. They are The Wrong Mans. Hulu’s second co-production with BBC brokered by BBC Worldwide Americas, the series is directed and produced by Jim Field Smith (“Episodes,” “Butter,” “She’s Out of My League”). Six (6) episodes.

Behind the Mask
For fans of: “Hard Knocks,” “Hoop Dreams,” “Project Greenlight
Premieres: 2013
“Behind the Mask” takes viewers on a behind-the-scenes adventure into the colorful and never-before-seen world of sports mascots. Through the eyes of four dedicated performers at the high school, college, minor league and NBA pro levels, “Behind the Mask” takes an authentic look at the sports world’s most unsung heroes. Funny, entertaining, and at times poignant, this show tells the moving stories of these real-life Clark Kents, capturing their highs and lows, both inside and outside the suit. “Behind the Mask” is created by Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Josh Greenbaum and produced by Occupant Entertainment (“Better Living Through Chemistry,” “The Wackness”). Ten (10) episodes.


Fresh Meat” (Season Two)
For fans of: “Misfits,” “The Inbetweeners” (U.K. & U.S.), “Skins” (U.K. & U.S.), “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” “Coupling,” “The Real World,” “Greek” and “Peep Show
Premieres: January 13, 2013
New episodes premiere every Sunday beginning on January 13th; All episodes will be available on Hulu and Hulu Plus beginning March 3rd
Fresh Meat” is a BAFTA-nominated comedy drama series about the hilarious and painful truths of being a student from Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong (“Peep Show”). The perils and joys of house sharing in those first university years continue in the second season of this painfully amusing drama. Expect more errors of judgment from JP, the entitled public school boy with good teeth (Jack Whitehall), the crushingly insecure Kingsley (Joe Thomas), the tightly-wound girl next door Josie (Kimberley Nixon), socially-awkward Howard (Greg McHugh), hard-living VOD (Zawe Ashton) and desperate to be cool Oregon (Charlotte Ritchie). The six housemates return to their shared house for the rest of their first year as students with more awkward moments, reinventions and appalling behavior. “Fresh Meat” is made by Objective Productions an ALL3MEDIA Company and made available on Hulu and Hulu Plus from ALL3MEDIA International. Eight (8) episodes.

For fans of: “The Shield,” “Line of Duty,” “The Following,” “The Wire,” “Homicide,” “The Unit,” ‘Chicago Code,” and “Southland”
Premieres: January 22, 2013
New episodes premiere every Tuesday beginning on January 22nd; All episodes will be available on Hulu and Hulu Plus beginning March 12th
Braquo,” winner of the international Emmy for Best Drama, follows a squad of Paris cops who exist in the blurred boundaries at the very edge of the law, often using violence and intimidation to get the job done. The lives of these officers change radically when their squad leader, falsely accused of corruption, commits suicide. Determined to clear his name they start an investigation of their own, only to find that the police department itself stands in their way. Driven by adrenaline and a thirst for justice, they must turn their backs on the laws they’re sworn to enforce if they are to uncover the truth. Facing constant danger from all sides – and with the two most likely outcomes being imprisonment or death – the stakes couldn’t be higher, but that merely cranks up the tension in this acclaimed series. “Braquo” is a Capa Drama production made available on Hulu and Hulu Plus from Zodiak Rights. Eight (8) episodes.

The Only Way Is Essex” (“TOWIE,” Season four)
For fans of: “Jersey Shore,” “Laguna Beach,” “The Hills
Premieres: February 2013
Life imitates soap; real people, real lives – maximum entertainment! From the producer of “Big Brother” and leading U.K. soap “Hollyoaks,” this is “dramality.” In the fourth season of “The Only Way is Essex” reunite with your favorite uber glam, super tanned friends and new characters playing themselves–all living in the golden triangle of Essex, England’s fake tan capital. “The Only Way is Essex” is produced by Lime Pictures and made available on Hulu and Hulu Plus from ALL3MEDIA International. Ten (10) episodes.

Prisoners of War” (Season Two)
For fans of: “Homeland”
Premieres: Spring 2013
Written and directed by Gideon Raff, this nine-time Israeli Emmy Award-winning series follows the journey of two soldiers as they return to their families after 17 years in an enemy prison. Uri and Nimrode struggle to fit back into society and viewers watch as each makes an effort to restore old relationships and initiate new relationships. As they attempt to start their lives free from captivity, they go through a number of examinations and questionings by a military psychologist. Before long it is discovered that their stories do not match and an undercover investigation ensues. At the same time of this investigation, Uri and Nimrode are on a quest for answers tied to their own captivity. In the second season, the secret continues to be unraveled, but more mystery and unanswered questions are now added to the equation. Starring Yael Abecassis, Mili Avital, Yoram Tolledano, Assi Cohen and Ishai Golan, all episodes will be available exclusively on Hulu and Hulu Plus from Keshet International. Fourteen (14) episodes.

Pramface” (Season Two)
For fans of: “My So Called Life,” “New Girl,” “Awkward,” “Secret Life of the American Teenager,” “Up All Night,” “Skins” (U.S. and U.K.), Teen Mom
Premieres: Spring 2013
“Pramface” is a heart-warming comedy series that follows teen parents Jamie (Sean Michael Verey) and Laura (Scarlett Alice Johnson) as they try to come to terms with the enormity of having a new baby in their lives. Just like normal first time parents they’re tired, anxious, broke, and tetchy. But, unlike most other couples, they don’t know how they feel about each other. In fact, they’re not even sure if they’re a couple or just two people who happen to have had a baby. Jamie, still reeling from the birth, is finding it difficult to cope. His current plan is to just hang in there and hope everything somehow works out. But he’s struggling with other areas of this life; work, school, and even just hanging out with his mates – he’s finding nothing’s quite the same once you have a child. Meanwhile, Laura’s got all the new mother worries. She’s looking after a newborn and occasionally a teenage boy, whilst trying to find a career and new friends, not to mention trying to hold on to her old ones. It’s said a new baby brings people together, and that’s certainly true here – it’s brought them together and now they’re falling out. With Christenings, college balls, eighteenth birthday mayhem, drugs, disastrous dating, strippers, interfering relatives, and nappy rash to deal with, the only certainty is things aren’t going to get easier any time. “Pramface” is a Little Comet production made available to Hulu and Hulu Plus from BBC Worldwide Americas. Six (6) episodes.

“Mother Up!”
For fans of: “South Park,” “Family Guy,” “Up All Night,” “Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23
Premieres: Fall 2013
“Mother Up!” is a 13-episode, half-hour adult animated comedy series starring Eva Longoria (“Desperate Housewives”) as Rudi Wilson, a former high-powered music exec who takes on the greatest challenge of her life: motherhood in suburbia. Rudi is striving for the life of a super-mom but she forgets one important detail — she’s not a very good parent. Bringing her street smarts and urban lifestyle to the suburbs, Rudi confronts the endless challenges of parenthood with a series of misguided improvised solutions, putting her life on the line like never before. Eva Longoria and Mass Animation’s Yair Landau (“Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs”) and Michael Shipley (“Family Guy,” “American Dad”) are executive producers. The series was developed by Rogers Media and co-produced by Breakthrough Entertainment and Bardel Entertainment, in association with Mass Animation. “Mother Up!” premieres on Hulu and Hulu Plus in Fall 2013. Thirteen (13) episodes.