“Jewel In The Night”, The First Christmas Carol From Space

The first ever musical recording in space (that we know of anyway) was performed just a few days ago on the International Space Station by Col. Chris Hadfield, commander of the International Space Station. The song, which is already climbing up Reddit’s r/Music page, is an original Christmas Carol called Jewel in the Night.

Based on the commander’s Facebook and Twitter pages, he and his crew are celebrating Christmas in every way possible while they’re away from their families. They even have a Christmas tree on the ceiling, thanks to what the commander calls “the beauty of a weightless Christmas.”


Col. Hadfield is married, with three adult children, one of whom sent us his Christmas Carol.

The song is interesting, as it depicts Christmas from a birds’ eye perspective, from space. The International Space Station crew is spending Christmas as far away from Earth as possible, and while I try to stick with the classics, no situation is more suited to an original melody.

Here’s the SoundCloud file:

It’s crazy to think that someday, probably soon, when space travel has become a consumer industry, that this could be the Christmas Carol of outer space.

I mean, we made it through the Mayan Apocalypse (and the Black Friday Apocalypse), so in my book we’re good to go for at least a few more centuries.

In other words, get used to Jewel in the Night. One day, it too will be a classic with Oh Holy Night and Jingle Bells.


So bright, Jewel in the night.
There in my window below.
So bright, dark as the night.
With all of our cities aglow.

It’s long been our way
To honor this day
And offer good will to man.

And know, where eever we go,
It’s come round to Christmas again.

So far, shines every star.
They’re without limit to see.
So grand, far away land
Beckoning, calling to thee

And let it be shown
Where ever we go
In all of the wonders above,

With all that we bring
There’s no finer thing
Than this message, this province of love.

A love for the families
That gather below.
Love for the stranger
That you’ll never know.

For those who aren’t with you
Who wander above.

So bright, jewel in the night.
There lies the cradle we knew.
Home of all that we love
And all of our memories, too.

It shall be our way
To wander away
And take with us all that we know.
And never cease this message of peace
From Bethlehem so long ago.

It shall be our way, to wander away,
And take with us all that we know.
And never cease, this message of peace,
From Bethlehem so long ago.