Redbox Instant By Verizon Launches Into Beta As App Goes Live On Android And iOS

Redbox Instant by Verizon, the up-and-coming joint venture that’s preparing to take on Netflix, is now live in Google Play. The service won’t be publicly launching until early 2013, according to a recent report from The Hollywood Reporter, however. But Redbox recently told GigaOm that a beta test would begin in December – and, apparently, it’s beginning today.

Although Redbox has not yet put out an official press release about the launch as of the time of writing (we’ve since reached out for more information), the Android news blog Android Police this morning spotted the Redbox Instant app arrive in Google’s mobile application store, Google Play.

In addition, the Redbox Twitter account this morning announced the launch, too. “Today is the day! We’re *gradually* rolling out access to,” the tweet read, pointing users to the sign up page.

redbox-2The app’s description spells out the details of what the service provides – specifically, a free trial period with a month of unlimited streaming as well as four DVD credits which can be used at a Redbox kiosk. Users can watch movies on their Android phone or tablet with the app, bookmark favorite titles, buy and rent movies (even without a subscription), and browse through Redbox’s database of thousands of titles, the app’s description informs us.

A web page where users can enter in their email in order to sign up for the beta is available here. The site indicates that the service will be $8 per month after the trial ends. GigaOm also previously reported that the service would be charging $6 per month for streaming access and $8 per month for 4 DVD credits per month. This information was gathered by accessing Redbox’s own help documentation publicly available on the web.

Rentals and sales will start at $0.99 apiece, Redbox’s help pages stated when GigaOm spotted them. After their report went live, the support site was pulled down so it was no longer publicly accessible.

Redbox’s iOS application has not been updated at this time, nor is any new app for Redbox Instant appearing now in the Apple App Store just yet. Update: the iOS app has just appeared in App Store search.

The company is planning on supporting iOS and Android devices, as well as web streaming, the Xbox 360 and some Samsung TVs and Blu-ray players. Redbox has also tweeted today that Google TV support is in the works. Customers will be able to register up to five devices to access the service.

We’ve asked Redbox for additional information about the beta launch, and will update if it has anything to share.

Here’s the intro video (below)…Which is not obnoxious at all.