Gift Guide Giveaway: A Brand New Lytro Camera #LytroMeTC

We’ve written numerous posts about the Lytro camera and have done gift guide reviews on it, so we thought — why not give one away? Thanks to Lytro, we have one free 8GB camera to give away.

The Lytro is one of the most sought after cameras out there right now because it’s so different. By using propriary systems, the photograph’s point of focus and now perspective can be altered after it’s shot. There isn’t another camera that can do that. Sample photographs and giveaway instructions are below.

[lytro username=’lytroweb’ photo=’431142′ width=’400′ height=’415′]

[lytro username=’lytroweb’ photo=’431119′ width=’400′ height=’415′]

They also just launched Perspective Shift and Living Filters that add new dimensions to pictures taken with the Lytro, allowing anyone to shift and share pictures on Facebook, Twitter, and on other social channels.

[lytro username=’lytroweb’ photo=’437159′ width=’400′ height=’415′]

[lytro username=’lytroweb’ photo=’437155′ width=’400′ height=’415′]

Want to win one? All you have to do is follow the steps below:

1) Like our TechCrunch Facebook Page:

2) Then do one of the following:

– Retweet this post (making sure to include the #LytroMeTC hashtag)
– Or leave us a comment below telling us why you want one

The contest will start now and end tomorrow, December 7th at 6:00pm PT. That gives you only one day, so be sure to enter quickly. Please only tweet the message once or you will be disqualified. We will make sure you follow the steps above and choose our winner once the contest is over.

Hang on a second though, there’s another fun contest you can enter. Right now, anyone can have a chance to get “Lytro-ized” by submitting a weird, funny, or bizarre picture to @Lytro on Twitter with the hashtag #LytroMeTC. If interested, this will enter you for a chance to have your picture selected and turned into a Claymation by the creators of MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch. It’s awesome. Be sure to visit to check it out and tweet @Lytro if you would like to enter.

[lytro username=’Lytrome’ photo=’470224′ width=’400′ height=’415′]

Good luck everyone!

Update: This giveaway is now over. We will update this post once we have our winner.

Update: Congratulations to Roberto Cipriani for winning the Lytro!