It’s All Blurry: CollegeHumor Makes Fun Of Nickelback And Instagram

If you were searching for your daily dose of morning hilarity, look no further.

CollegeHumor has just posted a Nickelback parody of the Photograph music video, substituting the theme of physical photos for the much hipper, Facebook-owned Instagram.

Early warning: there’s a moment of NSFW language toward the last verse, but for those of you at work, College Humor has added some subtitles so you don’t even need audio technically.

I won’t go into too much detail describing the video — this isn’t a movie review, am I right? — but the general plot is that a guy and a girl (we’ll call them Bobby and Susie) explain the magic of Instagram through the power of music.

Susie enjoys cliches like Instagramming cat pictures and her own boobs, while Bobby is more focused on food, feet, and flights.

In either case, you’re sure to know someone (or be someone) like the characters in this video.

Go ahead, laugh.