Start-Up Chile Hosts Its 3rd Demo Day, Announces The 105 Startups In Its Next Class

Start-Up Chile, the government-sponsored startup accelerator, is hosting its 3rd demo day today. The focus of this demo day is on social enterprise and green tech and, for the first time ever, the program partnered with Common Pitch to host today’s event.

Here is the list of the 20 companies that are launching today:

Start-Up Chile Demo Day Brochure

In addition, the program also just announced the 105 startups that have been selected to be part of the program’s sixth class. Starting early next year, 105 startups from over 30 countries will make their way to Santiago to participate in the program. Most of the companies come from the U.S. (24 percent), followed by host country Chile (19 percent) Argentina (9 percent) and India (7 percent). The program will also host startups from countries like Morocco, Ukraine, Pakistan and the Netherlands.

As for what these companies are working on, here is what Startup Chile told us: “E-commerce is the most strongly identified industry (24 percent of the selected), which is then followed by Mobile & Wireless (10 percent), Media (10 percent), IT & Enterprise Software (10 percent) and Social Media & Social Networks (10 percent). Remaining categories include Education, Energy & Clean Tech, Finance, Natural Resources, Social Enterprise and Tourism, among others.”

In total, the program received over 1,400 applications for this year’s class. You can find the full list of all the selected startups here.