PayrollHero Is Like Guitar Hero For Payroll (Without The Guitars)

Hot on the heels of Shifthub comes PayrollHero, a Philippines-based startup aimed at streamlining payroll and time and attendance tracking for iOS devices.

The service works on desktops and mobile devices – primarily iOS right now – and allows employers to register their workers’ video biometric data and facial recognition. Employees can clock in and out using their own devices or on the web.

Founded by Michael Stephenson and Stephen Jagger, the company is currently working on beta versions of the software for local clients including Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Philippines. Their first experience in the country came as a happy accident.

“As you know, 2008 was a crazy time, the world was falling apart,” wrote Jagger. “So we decided to take a trip to the Philippines, initially with the idea of finding a customer service solution for another project, but upon arrival, decided that we could get into the outsourcing business and that Ubertor would be our first client.”

“My business partner Mike Stephenson was trying to find a time, attendance, scheduling and payroll solution for Manila,” he said. “After an exhaustive search, he could not find something suited to our needs. So, we decided to build something for ourselves. After showing that solution to other Philippine business owners we realized there was a market for this type of software in Southeast Asia and that we could solve that need.”

Now the lads are spreading their product around the world. They’ve nearly closed a seed round and investors include Ryan Holmes of HootSuite and Dan Martell of Clarity.

The pair is working to get out of beta soon and you can sign-up for access here. While you can’t use PayrollHero to shred out to Twisted Sister, you can use your iPhone to shred as you clock into work at your local deli and/or restaurant, provided they become beta users of the service.