ShiftHub Brings The Freemium Web Model To Old-Fashioned Time Cards

Back in high school when I worked at Arby’s, I was very careful to punch in and out using an old, mechanical time clock. Now, however, I suspect I’d use something ShiftHub. This app, by a pair of charming Torontians (Torundians?) who have experience in retail, branding, and mobile, is an all-in-one system for throwing away time clocks altogether.

Founded by Jeremy Potvin and James Woods (not that James Woods), the service allows workers to check in via phone when they are within a certain distance from their place of business. They can see their schedule at a glance either on the web or using an iOS/Android app, and they can switch shifts as easily as switching flair.

The service is free for up to five employees and prices go up from there. The pair wanted to offer something to make the very small business run a little more smoothly with the expectation that they would upgrade once they grow a bit.

Potvin was involved in apparel sales for years before turning to the web. He created ShiftHub as a solution to the problems he faced scheduling employees. I got a chance to sit down with Potvin at our Toronto Meetup where we discussed my tenure at Arby’s and how difficult – yet rewarding – it was to clean the meat slicer.