Quantify Your Day: The $99 Fitbit One Activity Tracker Finally Starts Shipping

These days there’s certainly no shortage of gadgets for the fitness freaks among you (some of them have even come back from the grave), and now the folks at Fitbit are finally ready to take another crack at the market.

According to a recently released statement, the company has just begun shipping its top-tier $99 Fitbit One fitness tracker, just in time for Quantified Self adherents to pick one up before the holiday rush begins in earnest.

Frankly, this announcement has been a long time coming. Both the Fitbit One and its smaller, less expensive brother the Fitbit Zip were officially unveiled back in September, and the Zip has already started popping up in Apple Stores and Best Buys across the U.S.

Of course, this may already be old news to some of you — provided you were up for a little digging, you could’ve scored a Fitbit One well in advance (I ordered one from Brookstone of all places last week and got it in time for the weekend).

One of the biggest draws with the revamped top-tier Fitbit is how it handles mobile updating. While the original Ultra models required your unit to be within range of a small USB wireless dongle attached to your computer, the One (and its tiny Bluetooth 4.0 radio) can link up with an iOS or Android device to push your step count, number of calories burned, and the number of floors you’ve climbed straight into your Fitbit account. Throw in the ability to monitor your sleep patterns and wake users up with a discreet vibrating alarm (a la the Jawbone UP wristband), and you’ve got yourself a neat little way to see how active you’re actually being.