Konekt.me Is A LinkedIn For Creative Professionals

There are plenty of resources on the Internet to maintain a professional profile. LinkedIn is the most prominent, but none really cater specifically to the creative professional. But a startup out of Toronto, Canada, is ready to give artists, writers, photographers, directors, musicians, and anyone else who considers their work a labor of artistic love a new way to easily display their work in a clean format on the web.

Meet Konekt.me.

The site lets you add content in seconds by simply choosing the type of content (a link, a SoundCloud clip, a YouTube video, etc.) and adding the proper URL. Konekt.me automatically embeds the information in a slick, organized layout.

You can also bundle work into separate collections, which may signify different positions you held, types of work, or simply certain themes. It’s all up to you. Within each collection, individual work is displayed.

Co-founders Neil Martin, Jeffrey Howard and Rares Crisan explain to me that, while most creatives have plenty of work to show off, not all of them are fluent in the language of site design. In fact, many end up abandoning a personal blog out of frustration or simply a lack of time.


Konekt.me allows a videographer or singer/songwriter to get their work up on the Internet in a beautiful way without spending more than a few hot seconds on it. If you don’t believe me just check out the video below.

The service is still in private beta, but the team was kind enough to give you fine TechCrunch readers an early access code to join the beta testing. Simply enter the code “TCEXCLUSIVE” when you register at Konekt.me.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmDGS6yzB1k&w=640&h=360]