Nokia Launches NAX Cross-Platform Ad Exchange With 120 Ad Networks & Agencies, Powered By Inneractive

At the Microsoft Build developer conference in Redmond, Wash., today, Nokia announced that it is launching a cross-platform ad exchange powered by mobile app monetization exchange inneractive. Through this partnership, the Nokia Ad Exchange (NAX) will offer developers on all major mobile platforms access to more than 120 ad networks and agencies. The platform is available in over 200 countries and territories.

“With the launch of NAX, Nokia will enable developers to simply and effectively monetize their apps as part of our continued focus on supporting the developers ROI to build successful businesses” said Richard Kerris, Nokia’s VP & Head of Global Developer Relations in a canned statement today. “We developed this platform, with inneractive, to put control into the hands of all developers so that they can realize the best monetization solution for their apps.”

According to inneractive, NAX is the “first fully expanded exchange program that delivers immediate value to developers by connecting them with a wide array of crucial partners (over 120 global demand partners) and services in one place regardless of the platform on which the app was developed.”  Inneractive’s platform gives developers manual control over the ad networks they use, as well as automatic optimization. In addition, inneractive offers a feature that allows developers to take ad revenue from one platform and re-invest it in app promotion on another platform.