Google Adds Power Outage Information To Its Hurricane Sandy Crisis Map

As we brought to your attention last night, Google set up what it calls a “Crisis Map” as we waited for Hurricane Sandy to make land-fall. It has, and damage has been done, including massive power outages in all affected areas.

Tonight, the company has updated this map to include that information. Here’s what the Maps team had to say:

New on our #Sandy map: Power outage maps. On a mobile device? Click the “layers” button to see more, including shelter information, storm tracking and public alerts.

Visit the map here:

And if you’re in the New York City area, see our NYC-specific map:

The addition of information about shelters is fantastic, especially for mobile devices. I’ve been speaking to friends on the East Coast who have lost power and are quickly losing battery life, but are scrambling to find every last piece of helpful information that they can before that happens.

Additionally, you can Google “Hurricane Sandy” and get a nice bit of information based on where you live:

Stay safe, the storm isn’t done yet. In fact, the damage that has been done is more dangerous than all of the wind and flooding. Stay indoors until you’re told otherwise!