The Internet Bands Together To Weather Hurricane Sandy: Helpful Resources And Details, Including Google’s Crisis Map

As you know, there’s a big storm brewing on the East Coast. Luckily, the Internet has sprung into action with some great resources.

Google has a fantastic program that prepares the world for major events involving Mother Nature, and it has set up a crisis map for people on the East Coast preparing for Hurricane Sandy.

Have a look:

This is an extremely helpful tool, which includes weather service alerts, as well as notifications of areas that are being evacuated. If you or a loved one are going to be affected by Hurricane Sandy, then this is going to be something worth bookmarking and checking often.

I’m currently checking the webcams in the Philly area, because that’s where my friends and family are.

As you know, Google has cancelled its NYC Android event on Monday, and other tech events are affected as well.

How serious is this storm? Well, here’s a tell-tale sign:

Also, check out this video of angry waters in Shark River Inlet, Manasquan, NJ:

In addition to Google’s Hurricane page, there are quite a few other resources, links and stories for you to bookmark and check out:

A great map of the evacuated areas in NYC via the city
A page specifically for the NYC area, thanks to a Googler in the comments.
BreakingWeather on Twitter is reporting bits and pieces of information, like NYC being out of bread. The Weather Channel has a “Hurricane Central” account.
– The Red Cross has set up a page to help keep families connected as the storms roll in.
– The Huffington Post has quite a few resources listed, and are adding to the list as the day goes on.
– In an attempt to keep people’s spirits up, BuzzFeed is featuring texts from moms about the Hurricane.
– The Weather Channel is streaming live Hurricane Sandy coverage on YouTube and have a section dedicated to the storm on its iWitness site.
– Many elected officials in potentially affected areas are tweeting about the situation. Philadelphia’s Michael Nutter, Newark’s Cory Booker, New York City’s Mike Bloomberg and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.
Supermarkets in NYC are getting emptied out, says Huffington Post

Stay safe, folks.