Angry Birds Star Wars Gameplay Revealed In New Teaser

In case you were wondering what Rovio’s upcoming Star Wars/Angry Birds mashup would actually look like, the company has now posted a gameplay trailer to its YouTube account. It should surprise no one that it looks an awful lot like Rovio put Angry Birds characters in Star Wars costumes and settings, while retaining essentially the same gameplay. Which isn’t to say it doesn’t look good.

The birds have special Star Wars-themed powers and abilities, which should add an interesting twist to the already satisfying Angry Birds physics-based gameplay. The short video includes shots of Luke wielding a lightsaber, and Leia using some kind of weird tractor-beam type thing that I don’t remember coming from Star Wars canon material. This micro-trailer will be followed November 5 by a full trailer, and we’ll see the game actually released for all to play on November 8.