Angry Birds Star Wars Hits iOS, Android And Toys-R-Us On November 8th

Did you know that George Lucas will pimp out the Star Wars franchise to anyone with $10 and a Twinkie? It’s true. In related news, the Angry Birds Star Wars mashup launches on November 8th on iOS, Android and with a series of board games, toys, and of course costumes.

As explained by the image here, the red bird assumes the role of Luke Skywalker with the rest of the cast filled out by the other birds. Of course the evil pigs play the part of the evil Empire.

The game will let players battle the Empire at classic Star Wars location and will feature the gravitational effects used in the Angry Birds Space app. And of course it wouldn’t be Star Wars without a nod to John Williams; the app will feature the classic sounds of the movie.

The Android and iOS app hit on November 8. Rovio is also bringing to market a series of board games and plush toys; look for those in Toys-R-Us shortly. There will even be a series of massive, plush costumes in case that’s your thing. Unlike Rovio’s latest titles, Bad Piggies and Amazing Alex, this Angry Birds will feature the traditional, bird-slinging control scheme — just pull back and let the force be with you.

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