AT&T’s Q3 2012: Revenues Of $31.5B, Earnings Of $0.60/Share, Postpaid Smartphone Adoption Surges To 63.8%

AT&T has just released its Q3 2012 earnings report — the telecom giant reported quarterly revenues of $31.5 billion (which is essentially flat year-over-year) and earnings of $0.61 per share as opposed to last quarter’s $0.66 per share. That’s a 5 percent increase year over year.

But perhaps more importantly, AT&T is reporting record sales this quarter for Android and Windows smartphones, along with 4.7 million iPhones activated.

It’s worth wondering how many of those were iPhone 5s. Remember, Verizon sold 3.1 million iPhones in the third quarter, yet only 651K were iPhone 5s.

AT&T ended up right in line with what analysts had predicted. The consensus estimate was for earnings of $0.60 per share on revenues of $31.5 billion.

AT&T sold 6.1 million smartphones in total, and now has a postpaid subscriber base of 44.5 million, compared to Verizon.s 34.8 million.

In fact, 81 percent of AT&T’s on-contract sales came from smartphones, as postpaid smartphone-owning subscribers grew from 52.6 percent to 63.8 percent in the quarter, which accounts for 44.5 million customers.

The company has also announced a 678,000 net increase in total wireless subscribers, with strongest average monthly revenue per user. The total postpaid subscriber base is 44.5 million customers strong, as opposed to Verizon’s 34.8 million.