Endearing “How’s Your News?” Goes The ECommerce Route With $5 Downloads

How’s Your News began 15 years ago when a set of developmentally disabled adults hopped on a bus and travelled around the country interviewing folks on the street. The mixture of charm, astuteness, and fascination with the little things that these reporters exhibited has always been great fun and their work is a real tonic in this age of blowhards blowing hard at each other.

The team recently visited both the DNC and RNC and interviewed a number of politicians, celebrities, and delegates. The result is called Election 2012 and is available now. The best thing? The team went the route of Jim Gaffigan and Louis CK and released the video as a $5 download right from their site.

Payable via Paypal and Amazon, $5 gets you 5 streams or SD/HD downloads. The video is available in 720p resolution. The creators ask that you don’t, you know, pirate a movie by folks who wear their hearts on their sleeves and are so charming and I wish more journalists followed their lead. So don’t pirate it.

Please keep in mind that How’s Your News? is a very small, low-budget operation. No one involved does this for the money – in fact we usually lose money doing it. You will likely be able to find torrent copies of this film elsewhere and if that’s the only way you’ll watch it, then we understand and hope you enjoy it, really! But we hope you’ll consider paying 5 bucks for this and if you do we’ll be really grateful. If we can make films like this without losing money, we will continue to do so. It’s up to you! Thank you.

Here’s hoping this is one of their most profitable films yet.

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