Jim Gaffigan Releases His Own, All-New Special, Cutting Out The Media Middleman

America’s favorite funnyboy [citation needed], Jim Gaffigan, has just released his new special, Mr. Universe, in download and streaming formats. For $5 you get three SD or HD downloads or three streaming sessions for your content consumption comfort. You can pay with PayPal or Amazon check-out.

Says Jim:

We only ask that you do not redistribute the show. Once you download the file, it’s yours to keep forever, and yours to use for any reasonable personal use, such as watching, enjoying, converting to MP3 for the morning commute, making backups, burning to DVD, hosting a screening for friends, and so on.

We talked with Jim a few weeks ago about his special and the problems facing modern comedians. His effort follows a similar move by Louis C.K. to release specials outside of the traditional studio system. Jim noted that doing it this way gave him much more creative freedom and netted him more cash than working with an established outlet.

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