Facebook Reaffirms Its Commitment To Stop Cyber Bullying With New Activist Page, Partnership With The Ad Council

Facebook just launched a new page in the Family Safety Center to help raise awareness during Bullying Prevention Month. It helps users navigate through different partners and all the specific actions that can be taken to prevent bullying, like how to report bullying and education around the Support Dashboard.

The multifunctional Support Dashboard launched earlier this year and Facebook recently announced it’s available to 100% of its users. This tool lets users track reports they’ve made about bullying or abuse as they’re being resolved.

Facebook has had a comprehensive system in place for a while to field social reporting, but users often complained that they didn’t know what happened after they made reports.

The social network is also collaborating with the Ad Council to launch a massive bullying prevention advertising campaign for TV, print and online.

Ad Council content will be prevalent within Facebook’s “Stop Bullying: Speak Up” program which has gone into its second year with more than one million likes.