Rumor: Verizon-Bound Nokia Lumia 822 Will Cost A Cool $49 On Contract

You may have caught on to the Verizon-flavored Nokia handset floating around the rumor mill. But just in case you missed it, a few recent leaks have led us to believe that the red carrier will lay claim to the Nokia Lumia 822. And here’s the real shocker: it should only cost $49, according to WMPowerUser.

Now, that could sound like only a slight variation from the Lumia 820, headed to AT&T, but the new handset will be quite a bit different.

For one, there will be no interchangeable back covers to match your phone’s color with your daily mood. And as you can see from the earlier leaked images, the handset itself looks quite a bit different from both the 810 and 820, with much rounder edges.

According to the tipster, both documents and images can be sent via tap2send, Bluetooth, or Outlook.

The phone feels a little less premium than the AT&T-flavored Nokia handsets, but it’ll come with 16GB of internal storage and an LTE connection from Verizon, which is pretty damn good for $49.