HTC Finally Reveals The Refreshed One X+, And It’s Hitting Europe And North Asia This Month

Well, there we have it — after weeks and weeks of persistent rumors and unflattering spy shots, HTC has finally outed its refreshed HTC One X+ at a press event in the UK.

For the most part, those rumors had the One X+ pegged. The Jelly Bean-powered handset indeed sports a slightly speedier 1.7GHz quad-core Tegra 3 chipset (up from the 1.5GHz model seen in the original), as well as 64GB of internal storage, and a beefier 2,100mAh battery to keep things chugging along a bit longer.

Other than that though, HTC saw fit to leave the rest of the proverbial goods untouched. Of course, that’s not to say there aren’t any software tweaks to be mindful of — keeping in line with HTC’s recently-discovered zeal for cameras, the One X+ also sports a few camera app updates too. A so-called Sightseeing mode offers up quick access to the camera by tapping the power while on the lock screen, and a new Self Portrait mode aims to make those Myspace shots (are those still a thing? Ugh.) even more flattering.

The One X’s most notable changes are all nestled away inside that familiar polycarbonate frame, but the device has received a minor aesthetic overhaul too. For now, it seems the One X+ is only available in the black/red color scheme that was recently revealed in a pair of leaked photos, which isn’t particularly novel for HTC — when it first refreshed its flagship Sensation last year, it too sported was coated in black with red trim. Handsome sure, but maybe a bit passé at this point.

The device’s world tour is scheduled to kick off this month with launches in Europe and North Asia, with launches in South Asia to follow in November. HTC has also confirmed that the One X+ will make an appearance here in the States (on T-Mobile, perhaps?), but for now they’re being awfully coy about when.