Long-Distance Lovers Rejoice: LovePalz WiFi Sex Toys Let You Get Nasty In Real-Time

Sex. We all have it, and most of us enjoy it.

But what do you do when your partner (assuming you only have one) moves out of town or goes on a business trip? Well, you could buy the tiniest Bluetooth headsets in the world and talk all day long (like Pam and Jim from The Office), or you could sext all day and FaceTime all night (with the investment of a Swivl), or… you could buy this LovePalz contraption.

This fascinating Dinglehopper is a WiFi connected love machine, that lets both the top and the bottom (I’ll refrain from using genders here — to each his/her own) simulate some sexy time. The two parts include a “Hera” for the bottom, which looks a lot like a Dildo, and a Zeus for the top. As each lover pleasures themselves with the toys, their partner feels their motions in real-time.

An app is also in play here, as the component that matches up your Zeus with his/her Hera (other partners can be added and paired with, if that’s how you roll). Unfortunately, the app hasn’t been submitted or approved by Apple in the App Store.

The LovePalz gadgetry works with multiple pressure and speed sensors (in both the Hera and Zeus), so that you can actually feel what your lover is doing to you in real time, even if there happen to be miles and oceans between the two of you. And, as expected, it’s completely waterproof. They are both rechargeable and come with an air pump and automatic piston.

As a duo, the LovePalz setup costs $94.95, but since the project was rejected from Kickstarter, the LovePalz team has created their own website for taking pre-orders and donations. In other words, the product isn’t quite out the door yet, but with enough horny long-distance lovers chipping in, perhaps it will come soon (#thatswhatshesaid).

[via Huffington Post]