Some Early iPhone 5 Adopters Report Odd Screen Issues

This is quickly becoming somewhat of a routine event after Apple’s latest iPhone goes on sale: A number of early adopters are having issues with the screens on their new phones. When the iPhone 4 first launched two years ago, quite a few users got devices that had odd yellow spots in some areas, for example. This time around, the issues are a bit more mysterious. Some iPhone 5s, for example, show an odd bubble effect when their users press the screen too hard. Others report that their screens are flickering and are blurry in some areas.

It’s not clear how widespread these issues are, but a number of videos that demonstrate these problems have now popped up on YouTube (via Arnold Kim).

Here is an example of the odd bubble effect:

This user recorded how his phone’s screen flickers for no apparent reason:

And here is another example of the bubble effect:

On the MacRumors forum, some users also complain about some backlight bleeding issues and on Apple’s own forum, at least one user complained about the fact that the lower part of his screen is blurry and another reported that his phone shows “a wavy line at the bottom and the top of the screen that is slightly discolored.”

We will keep tracking this, but let us know if you are having similar issues with your new iPhone 5.